VIBE: Docuseries ‘Other Boys NYC’ Turns Spotlight On Queer Men Of Color

The 50-part docuseries brings neglected stories to the forefront at a time the nation needs it most.

By  | Feb 09, 2017, 03:41pm

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Created by award-winning filmmaker Abdool Corlette, Other Boys NYC is ready to amplify the voices of queer and transgender men of color later this month.

“It’s no secret that the mainstream media has a serious diversity problem,” the School of Visual Arts graduate stated in a promotional video for his project. “Growing up, I almost never saw my image or my story reflected on TV or in movies or written about in magazines.”

With co-producer Adam Vazquez by his side, Corlette recruited 50 members of New York City’s queer community to share their stories at a time the United States needs to listen. “[Right] now, we’re seeing increasing levels of violence against LGBTQ people and people of color,” Vazquez explained. “The language being used in politics is divisive and does nothing to raise awareness about the realities that people live in within these communities.”

The first 25 parts of the series premieres on Feb. 20, exclusively on global queer media network Slay TV before the rollout continues on a weekly basis. Check out the first trailer below, and mark your calendars:

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